FH 40 G Multi-Purpose Digital Survey Meter

The new generation of truly smart radiation detectors

Thermo Scientific* FH 40 G’s integrated design represents a versatile, user-friendly, hand-held radiation measurement system.
Designed for many different radiation protection applications.
Units 4254002, 425400201, 425400250, 425400251, 4254004, 425400401, 425400450,


The FH 40 G is a wide range digital survey meter, suitable for nearly all measurement tasks arising in radiation protection.

  • Rugged, waterproof and reliable with very simple operation
  • Versatile multipurpose meter and area monitor
  • For use with external detectors for portable and remote area monitoring applications (cable of up to 50m can be used)
  • Gamma meter with internal proportional counter tube
  • Internal detector and external probes of the FH 40 G are monitored simultaneously
  • No requirement for external probe or cable for gamma dose rate measurements
  • Upon connection of an external probe, the probe parameters are automatically read into the FH 40 G and the correct parameters are set
  • Separate alarms can be set by the user for both the internal and external detectors
  • Operational internal proportional detector and connected external detector
  • Serial infrared interface
  • Type tested by PTB (Germany) in Hx or H*(10)
  • Type tested for use by fire brigades
  • Calibrated in “air kerma” or in the new ICRU-units “ambient dose equivalent”
  • Simultaneous operation of internal and external detectors, both both dose rate and remote dose rate readings
  • Configuration and data read out via PC
  • Storage of up to 256 data records
  • Waterproof (IP 67) and shock resistant
  • ADF mode (Advanced Digital Filter)
  • Clear, backlit LCD display
  • Data logging
  • Internal diagnostics ensure proper functioning of the detector(s) and the electronics
  • Designed to record up to 256 data points containing measurement number, date, time and dose rate at the internal detector and external detector, status, and barcode information
All FH 40 G versions and external probes containing the “-10” suffix are designed to meet the energy response behavior of the new SI-units ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate according to ICRU 39.


Ordering Alerts: Available with a large number of external detectors; FH 40 G versions are also available with an additional earphone output.


Compatible with: Gamma dose, dose rate detectors

  • FHZ 632 L 100 nano Sv/h up to 100mSv/h
  • FHZ 612 wide range, up to 10 Sv/h
  • FHZ 312 under water, high range up to 100 Sv/h
  • FHZ 302 under water, medium range up to 1 Sv/h

NaI Scintillation detectors


  • FHZ 512 NaI 1 x 1 in. light weight, fits to telescope
  • FHZ 502 E NaI 2 x 2 in. aluminum housing with holder
  • FHZ 502 P NaI 2 x 2 in. rugged plastic housing
  • FHZ 503 E NaI 3 x 3 in. similar to FHT 502E, increased sensitivity

Plastic scintillation NBR detectors


  • FHZ 672 E aluminum housing with “red – green information” for detection of artificial gamma radiation
  • Neutron Detectors
  • FHT 752: BF3 detector, neutron dose rate equivalent according to ICRP 60
  • FHT 752 E: BF3 detector, handy and lightweight, fits to telescope
  • FHT 752 S: BF3 detector, small size and light weight
  • FHT 752 H: He3 detector, neutron dose rate equivalent according to ICRP 60
  • FHT 752 EH: He3 detector, handy and lightweight
  • FHZ 752 SH: He3 detector, small size
  • BF3 detectors for excellent suppression of gamma radiation
  • He3 detectors for increased neutron sensitivity

Contamination Detectors


  • FHZ 732 alpha+beta probe 44mm diameter
  • FHZ 742 alpha, beta probe 125cm2


Compliance: NRPB approved (UK); ICRU 39 for SI-units


Certifications: Meets IP 67 requirement for waterproofing; shock-resistance


Recommended for:

  • Classic survey meter for personal radiation protection
  • Stationary gamma dose rate meter
  • System center with external probes for monitoring and detection
  • Simultaneous and discriminative gamma and neutron measurement in mixed radiation fields, for x-ray/gamma dose rate and beta contamination, for the highly sensitive proof of artificial gamma radiation even in variable natural radiation fields
  • System component in complex measurement systems

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