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Thermo Scientific* SVG 2 Radiacmeter is a lightweight, handheld, battery-powered ratemeter for gamma and neutron radiation measurement ruggedized to meet the demands of the military and first responders.

Incorporates the newest generation of hardened microprocessor technology with low power consumption.
This NATO-approved system is designed to provide critical measurements for nuclear incidents and attacks. Supports battlefield radiological measurements for alpha, beta, gamma and neutron.

  • Initial and residual dose rate from gamma and neutron radiation are detected by state-of-the-art semiconductor detection devices to provide the required sensitivity and durability necessary in hostile conditions
  • Contamination measurements for alpha and beta emitters are also supported in a unique external detector design
  • Ease of handling supported by its low weight and power consumption
  • Alarm thresholds for all detection modes are adjustable
  • Autoranging display with correct radiological units
  • Displays status, mode, and function; both current gamma dose rate and integrated gamma dose may be displayed
  • Built-in function keys permit the stored values to be recalled and displayed or transmitted over a serial interface to a PC to facilitate further investigation or report generation
  • Impervious to TREE, NEMP and EMV interferences
  • Interface to GPS and PC
  • Flashing symbols alert user to alarm conditions
  • Large, backlit LCD display
  • Analog trend indication of dose rate
  • Digital display of radiological value
  • Large area dedicated function keys
  • Watertight
  • Illuminated keypad
Specifications for SVG2 RadiacMeter
Measurement Ranges
Residual Gamma

Gamma Dose rate: 0.01µGy/h to 2.000 cG/h (Gy/h switchable to Sv/h) (1µR/h to 2000 Rad/hr)

Gamma Dose: 0.01µGy to 2.000 cGy (Gy switchable to Sv) (1 Rad/hr to 2000 Rad/hr)

Energy Range: 70 keV to 3 MeV

Initial Radiation

Gamma Radiation: 1 cGy to 2,000 cGy (1-2000 Rad/hr)

Neutron Radiation: 1 cGy to 2,000 cGy (1-2000 Rad/hr)

Alpha-Beta-Gamma External Probe

Alpha Measurement Range: 0 to 300,000 cps

Beta Measurement Range: 0 to 300,000 cps

Gamma Measurement Range: 0.01µGy/h to 50 cGy/h (1µRAD/h to 50 RAD/h)

Efficiency (pulse X cm2/beta particle)

C-14: 0.047

Cs-137Cs: 0.40

Tl-204: 0.39

Sr90Y: 0.57

Performance Features TREE: 10 cGy/s neutron (10 RAD/s)NEMP: 75 kV/m, norm pulse slope 5 ns

EMV per VG95373: SA 02 G, protocol 1 and 2; SA 04 G, protocol 5 and 6; SA 03 G, protocol 7, 8, 9 and 10

Heat Flash: 2 s with 59 J/cm2

Salt Fog: 48 hours per MIL STD 810D

Protection Class: IP 67 per VG 95332, page 12, level 6

Battery [Life] ~130 hours
Operating Limits [Temperature Range] [CENTIGRADE] -30 to 55°C (-22 to 131°F)
Dimensions SVG2: 6.3 x 3.5 x 3.1 in. (160 x 90 x 78mm)w/Bag: 9.8 x 4.7 x 6.7 in. (250 x 120 x 170mm)
Weight 7.6 lb. (3.5kg)


Cat. No. Description
SVG2 SVG2 RadiacMeter

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