Fire Fighting Equipment

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Innovation for Efficient Firefighting

The standard at Gimaex is to deliver firefighting solutions that promote safety, efficiency, and reliability at a reasonable cost to our customer.

One Seven®, a Gimaex exclusive, is the most advanced compressed air foam system on the market today offering a highly efficient, consistent, and impressively reliable fire extinguishing medium for safe fire attack on all applications such as structural, liquid fuel, electrical, magnesium, and plastics.

Firefighting vehicles built at Gimaex allow for higher capacity, flexible equipment storage possibilities by manufacturing bodies with our patented aluminum profile construction.

One Seven®

One Seven® is the most advanced compressed air foam product in the world, engineered to maximize heat absorption and knockdown capabilities while minimizing water/foam consumption, harmful steam conversion, and overall stress on the firefighter. Learn how it works here.


Firefighting Vehicles

Gimaex builds vehicles that conform to the custom design specified according to the customer. Compartment sizes, specific body lengths, and all associated accessories are considered for the construction of a new firefighting vehicle. This is easliy achieved by utilizing our innovative aluminum profile body structure technology that is lightweight, highly durable, while being flexible enough to change compartment spacing when future equipment is purchased.


Roll On/Roll Off Containers

These containers safely allow one vehicle to be the ultimate multifunctional incident responder. By constructing containers with different purposes, one can be dropped at an incident and the vehicle can then retrieve an additional container with an alternate function to assist the response. Typically, Roll On/Roll Off Containers are used for HazMat functions, Mobile Command, Heavy Rescue, other Special Operations, and remote pumping/drafting applications.


Specialty Vehicles

Through the success of building firefighting vehicles, Gimaex has developed strenghts in the construction of specialty vehicles that have unique contributions.

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